Mach One Shoulder Rest for Violin and Viola designed by Luthier Peter Mach
Pictured above NEW MODEL - MAH - 4/4-3/4 hand-carved out of maple - with "HOOK" - NEW MODEL

NEW! Presenting our new M-07 violin shoulder rest NEW!

Over ten years ago Peter Mach introduced the Mach One Shoulder Rest for violin and viola, surprisingly the first commercially available shoulder rest made out of the most natural of materials, wood.

This 10 year anniversary model keeps the same famous ergonomic shape of the original Mach One wooden shoulder rest while minimizing the amount of material used. It is truly minimalist in design and concept.

Main innovation: made from a high-tech double-injection mold, the main body of the rest is resilient and strong, while the contact surface is made of a soft, grooved, rubberized compound, similar to what you might find on your toothbrush, for an incredible grip.  Plus it is easily washable!

The M07 Violin Shoulder Rest is entirely Designed and Made in Canada.




Dear Violinist, Violist , welcome to my site!

I am a luthier and the originator of the Mach One Shoulder Rest for violin and viola, which I developed in 1997. The original rest is hand carved from curly maple, which beautifully matches the back of the instrument. Every maple Mach One Shoulder Rest is unique, elegant, slim and light.

Many consider the Mach One Shoulder Rest to be the first leap forward since the introduction of the traditional bar-type shoulder rest. My goal was to design a shoulder rest that is so comfortable that you don't even notice it's there! And my eye for design from my Pattern-maker and Luthier background helped me create not only a fully functional shoulder rest but also a beautiful one to complement the beauty of the violin.

Players love the natural look of the wood and many have noticed that the rest actually improves the sound of their instrument.

The sculptured shape of the Mach One Shoulder Rest molds perfectly to your shoulder. With this ergonomic design you have the option of adding the comfortable suede leather pad.

The Mach One Shoulder Rest features a simple but fully adjustable design (width and height), whose graceful curves complement the instrument.

The "S" shape fits comfortably on your shoulder and minimizes the size of the feet. These are molded from a single piece rubber and have a lifetime guarantee. They will never touch the ribs of your violin or viola and will not scratch your valuable instrument.

The Mach One Shoulder Rest has quickly gained international respect and recognition not only because of its functionality, but for its simplicity and elegance.

Ergonomic, lightweight, form-fitting and most importantly so comfortable you won't even know it's there!


Peter Mach in his shop

Peter in his shop working on the Mach One


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